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WALL-E learns about  Proportions

Wall*E Learns About Proportions
NASA and Disney/PIxar have teamed up to bring Wall*E into the classroom! In this video, students learn about how to find the size of the moon using everyday objects with a little help from Wall*E and Eve. + Watch Video

Dr Marc Ask Dr. Marc
Dr. Marc answers good questions asked by visitors about the Moon and other topics. Listen while you read along.
Apollo Landing Game

Moonlander Game
Land on the moon carefully.
Try to get to the bonus level.

Moon Concentration
+ How Good is Your Memory?

Moon Quiz
Is it a big hunk of cheese?
+ Take a quiz and find out!

Moon Cookies
+ Make these tastey cookies (no baking required)

+ Take the Challenge!
Unscramble Moon-related graphics

+ Help Us Find Our Lost Lunar Words

Paper Model

LRO Paper Model
Construct a paper model of LRO for your very own copy of the spacecraft.

Do Lunar Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzles
+ Answer clues and solve the puzzle

Moon Calculator
How much would you weigh
if you lived on the Moon?

Play the Lunar Cryptograms
Lunar Cryptograms
Decode these important messages
about the moon

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