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  LOLA Featured Image

Featured Image

Drygalski Crater

04.29.2011 - LOLA data is used to examine complex craters such as Drygalski to better constrain the shape of lunar craters.

Featured Image

Antoniadi Crater

04.15.2011 - Antoniadi is a transitional crater, exhibiting both a central peak that is characteristic of complex craters and an inner ring that is characteristic of larger multi-ring basins.

Featured Image

Hermite Crater

03.31.2011 - It may look like an ordinary old crater, but to some scientists the 104 km diameter Hermite Crater is one of the most interesting features on the lunar surface.

Featured Image

Plaskett Crater

03.15.2011 - At 109 km in diameter, Plaskett Crater displays the morphology of a typical complex crater. For example, both a central peak and terraced crater walls can be seen in Plaskett.

Featured Image

Peary Crater

2.28.2011 - Peary Crater (diameter 73 km), located near the lunar north pole, has been a subject of interest for many lunar scientists for years.

Featured Image

Anaxagoras Crater

2.16.2011 - It's all about location, location, location! Anaxagoras Crater is well studied because of its location in a part of the lunar crust called the highlands.

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