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The LOLA Instrument

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  Videos and Animation

LOLA Topographic Map of Moon Creating Unprecedented Topographic Map of Moon
NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is allowing researchers to create the most precise and complete map to date of the moon's complex, heavily cratered landscape.
LOLA: Defining the Lunar Terrain LOLA: Defining the Lunar Terrain
The Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA) instrument on board NASA's LRO spacecraft will be responsible for building the highest detail topography available of the lunar terrain. In this video David Smith, LOLA's Principal Investigator, explains how this technology works.
Moon's South Pole in 3D The Moon's South Pole in 3D
This animation shows some of the first results of the LRO/LOLA instrument with labels over several craters. As the virtual camera flies around the lunar south pole we not only get an indication of the moon's mysterious topography at this pole, but also a sense that this mission has just begun.
LRO Safe Landings Feature LRO Scouts for Safe Landing Sites
This short video feature describes how LRO's instruments are used collectively to scout for safe landing sites. The crater depicted in this animation is ficticious and only intended for illustrative purposes.

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