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Apollo 50 baseball field

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Apollo at your Ballpark

LRO has a partnership with Minor League Baseball to bring Space Science to the ballpark. Here are some suggested resources to share NASA science with fans.

Important dates this summer include:

July 16

• 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Launch
• Astronauts Neil A. Armstrong, Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins begin their journey to the Moon

July 20

• 50th Anniversary of First Crewed Lunar Landing
• Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle lands on the Moon, while the Command Module Columbia orbits the Moon

July 24

• 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Splashdown
• Safe return to Earth of Apollo 11 astronauts

Below is a list of suggested resources for your event. Feel free to use the suggested activities however they will work best for you or search through some of the included NASA resources to find other materials resources to support your event.

If you use any of these resources at your ballparks, please let us know! In order to continue supporting projects and creating packages like this, it is important that we understand how it was used, what was helpful, and how many people were at your event. Please share that information with us through the survey link here.

For specialty jerseys and advertising, it is important that you understand the rules about using the NASA meatball logo.

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Pre-game Activities

apollo trivia link

In-game activities

  Lunar Lander activity

lunar landing game
  • Fans could be invited to compete in a contest at the ballpark, with points given for hitting the target, landing upright, or size of bounce

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Post-game activities

A great activity is to invite the local scientists to share their science with your fans to the park. Some scientists may want to bring their own activities or props to share. If you need help finding local scientists to attend your event, check our suggestions of where to look below.

Videos and Images

President Kennedy’s speech at RICE university
We are NASA
Collection of video from the Scientific Visualization Studio
We are NASA
"We Are NASA" Video
LROC link
Apollo landing sites and images from LRO’s cameras
Space Stem Forum

NASA is frequently coming out with new visualizations to convey the discoveries made on the Earth and beyond!

LRO SVS Visualizations
"Moonlight (Clair de Lune)"
Sharper Views of Apollo 12, 14, and 17 Sites

Additional Image Gallery Resources


Places to look for in-person help

NASA logo Goddard Space Flight Center


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