LRO Development Team

Project Office

Craig Tooley | Project Manager
Cathy Peddie | Deputy Project Manager
Bill Sluder | Deputy Project Mgr/Resources
Keith Opperhauser | Project Support Mgr
Deanna Adamczyk | Financial Manager
Tricia Gregory | Admin/Project Support
Julie Janus | Contracting Officer
Amy Aqueche | Contract Specialist
Jim Smith | Mission Business Mgr
Mary Bernhard | General Business (-2007)
Vanessa Hernandez-Martinez | Resource Analyst
Linnette Morales | Resource Analyst
Bob Hesenperger | EVM
Andy Eaker | Scheduling Lead
Marty Campbell | Scheduling
Debbie Dusterwald | CM/DM Manager
Dorothy Hall | CM/DM
Warren Shultzaberger | CM/DM
Angela Hess | MIS
Jennifer Brill | MIS
Kristina Safdie | Risk Management (2006-present)
Adrian Rad | Risk Management (2004-2006)
LaShonda Jacobs-Terry | Procurement (CSS, Star Tracker)

GSFC Science Team

Rich Vondrak | Project Scientist (2008)
Gordon Chin | Project Scientist (2004-2007)
Tom Morgan | Project Scientist (2007)
John Keller | Deputy Project Scientist

Payload Team

Arlin Bartels | Payload Systems Manager
Mary Reden | Payload Systems Engr
Joe Cerullo | Payload Systems Engr
Stan Scott | Science Data Mgmt

Systems Engineering Team

Dave Everett | Mission Systems Engineer
Martin Houghton | Deputy MSE, Mission Design
Rick Saylor | Deputy MSE, I&T
Phil Luers | Avionics Systems
Tom Ajluni | Spacecraft Bus & LV Systems
Steve Andrews | Safing Engineer, HGAS Systems Lead
Mark Beckman | Flight Dynamics
Rivers Lamb | Flight Dynamics
Leslie Hartz | Systems Analysis
Eric Holmes | GN&C Systems
Mike Pryzby | Orbiter Systems
Steve Wasserzug | Mechanical/Thermal Systems
Charlie Wildermann | SW/HW Systems
Joe Novotka | Electrical Systems, EMI/EMC
Judy Brannen | Requirements Database Manager
Tom Jones | Launch Vehicle Mgr

EEE Parts Team

Rich Williams | EEE Parts Lead
Chris Greenwell | EEE Parts Support
Bruno Munoz | EEE Parts Support
Maxine Windhausen | LRO Parts Storage & Procurement
Henning Leidecker | EEE Parts Expert Consultant

Contamination Control

Chris Lorentson | Contamination Control Lead
Rachel Rivera | Contamination Engineering
Joe Hammerbacher | Contamination I&T
Glenn Rosecrans | Contamination Analyst
Patsy Dickens | Contamination support and Documentation
Marcello Rodriguez | Purge Systems and contamination support
Alfred Wong | Cleanroom Support Systems
Leon Bailey | Contamination Control Technician
Karrie Houston | Contamination Engineering

I&T Team

Joanne Baker | Orbiter I&T Lead
Mike Wright | Deputy I&T Manager
Kevin Blahut | GSE Systems Engineer
Harold "Rex" Richardson | I&T Engineer
Massoud Ainloo | Senior Test Engineer
Joshua Grodin | I&T Engineer
Gary Lepore | I&T Engineer
Marsha Shanahan | FlatSat Manager
Carroll Trickey | Senior Electrical Technician
Patrick Kilroy | I&T Engineer
George Moore | I&T Engineer
Greg Greer | ITOS Lead Engineer
Warren Thompson | Front End Processor Developer
Michael Smit | Spacecraft Simulator Developer
Matt Lew | Spacecraft Simulator Developer
Karen Calvert | ITOS Developer
George Heisey | GSFC Dynamic Simulator System Lead
Stephen Leake | GSFC Dynamic Simulator Software Lead
Victor Lu | GDS Engineer
Matilda Ewancio | Electrical Technician
Brenda Wallace | Electrical Technician
Deneen Ferro | Electrical Technician
Kim Cousler | Environmental Project Engineer
Janet Thomas | Environmental Project Engineer

EMI Testing Laboratory at GSFC

Mark Branch | EMC Environmental Test Engineer
Vaughn Nelson
Rick Jones
Robert Houle
Nathan Block
Greg Jamroz
Andrew Mentges

Vibration Test Group

Timothy Schwartz | Vibroacoustic Environmental Test Engineer

Thermal Vac test Group

Ana-Mellina Espiritu | Thermal Vacuum Environmental Test Engineer

Safety and Mission Assurance Team

Ron Kolecki | System Assurance Mgr (SAM)
Lydia Lee | Deputy SAM
Jana Rezac | Safety Lead
Chuck Peterson | Safety
Cindy Taylor | Software Quality Engineer
Nick Virmani | Manufacturing Engineer
Al Lacks | Quality Assurance
Joe Calabrese | Quality Assurance

Mechanical Team

Giulio Rosanova | Mechanical System Lead Engineer
Pilar Joy | Material Engineer
Craig Stevens | Lead Structural Analysis
Jeff Pattison | Acoustic Analyst
Wayne Chen | SB, IM Structural Analyst
Darian Robbins | Mechanical GSE Lead Engineer
Gordon Casto | SB, IM Structure Lead Engineer
Greg Martins | HGAS Lead Engineer
Jason Hair | HGAS Engineering Support
Karl Schuler | Senior Technician
Larry Madison | Composite Support Engineer
Rene Carlos | Coupon Test Engineer
Steve Patton | Lead Technician
Katheryn Vasquez | MGSE Lead
Joe Schepis | Gimbals Lead Engineer
Kamal Thakore | GCE Lead Engineer
Nick Shurr | Gimbal Engineering Support
Charlie English | Technician
Chris Kolos | Technician
Dave Dollard | Shop Planner
Frank Rondeau | Technician
Mike Schoolman | Technician
Ron Walters | Technician
Tim Schwartz | Test Engineer
Nick Galassi | Senior Analyst
Bryan Rizzo | SAS Structural Analyst
Ed Dobins | Designer (MGSE)
George Mooney | Technician
Ginger Bronke | Designer (IM)
Greg Davis | Designer Mass Simulators
Hal Baesch | Technician (Detailed to PROP Group)
Heather Borowski | IM Structural Analyst
Jimmy Lee | QA Mechanical
Joe Green | Designer (SAS)
John Harvey | Designer HGAS MGSE
Ken Pellak | Designer (MGSE)
Mike Golob | MGSE Engineering Support
Mike Hersh | SAS Lead Engineer
Paul Baird | Loads Analyst
Pete Patterson | MGSE Analyst
Rodney Deensie | Analyst
Shelly Conkey | HGAS Structural Analyst
Steve Wasserzug | PM Lead Engineer
Suk Yoon | Senior Designer (HGAS)
Kurt Wolko | Designer (Detailed to PROP Group)
Chris Ross | PM Designer
Dan Hayward | Lead Designer (PM)
Jim Baker | Facilitator
Glen Byron | HGAS Support
Justin Ward | SAS Engineer
Kevin Nims | Analyst
Lisa.Mryncza | CM Drawings Administrator
Monique Fetzer | ITP/RAD Lead Engineer
Nereses Armani | Designer (SB)
Phil Kurilchik | Designer
Sandy Shuman | Designer
Cecilia Chow | Analyst/Dynamics
Rick Baird | MGSE Designer
Wasam Aboufasha | SB Analyst
Brian Kittle | Technician
Tony Sanders | AM Analyst
Heath Nielsen | Thermal Panel
Craig Bowser | Thermal Panel

Thermal System

Charles Baker | LRO Thermal Systems Lead
Christine Cottingham | LRO Thermal Hardware Lead
Sharon Peabody | LRO Thermal Analysis Lead
Matt Garrison | LRO Thermal Instrument Lead
Tony Melak | LRO Thermal High Gain and Solar Array Lead
Jeff Maynard | LRO Thermal High Gain and Solar Array Analyst
Dan Powers | LRO Thermal Analyst
Juan Rodrigues | LRO Thermal Analyst
Bill Chang | LRO Thermal Analyst
Wes Ousley | LRO Thermal Consultant
Walter Ancarrow | LRO Thermal Analyst
Diane Schuster | LRO Hardware Technician
Doug Varney | LRO Hardware Technician
Rosalyn Nelson | LRO MLI Technician
Shirley Adams | LRO MLI Technician
Brenda Estavia | LRO MLI Technician
Hume Peabody | LRO Thermal Analyst
Jesse Arminger | LRO Thermal Analyst
Markham Hacke | ITP Project Manager
Elizabeth Oey | Avionics Radiator Project Manager
Sargon Addi | Avionics Radiator Quality Assurance
Mellina Espirito | Thermal Test Manager
Chris Skocik | Thermal Test Fixture Designer
Sherrod Ware | Thermal Test Fixture Technician
Grace Miller | LRO Thermal Coating Technician
George Harris | LRO Thermal Coating Technician
John Petro | LRO Thermal Coating Technician
Mary Jane Stevenson | LRO Thermal Coating Manager
Wanda Peters | LRO Thermal Coating Manager
Jack Triolo | LRO Thermal Coating Consultant
Marcello Rodrigues | LRO Thermal Coating Engineer
Jay Chung | Kapton Film Heater Manufacturer
George Davis | Mechanical Thermostat Engineer
Doug Brown | Mechanical Thermostat Manager
Warren Chen | Heat Pipe Production Manager
Meshack Aduwu | ITP and Avionics Radiator Heat Pipe Lead
Michael Deiuliis | RWA and Battery Heat Pipe Lead
Mario Martins | Lead Test Technician

Power System

Tom Spitzer | Power System Lead
Dong Sui | Power GSE Lead

Power SystemPSE

Amri Hernandez-Pellerano | PSE Lead Engineer
Brad Kercheval | PSE Design Engineer
Greg Alkire | PSE Master Controller FPGA Design Engineer
Robert Stone | PSE Slave FPGA & PMC Design Engineer
Jeff Travis | PSE PMC Design & FPGA Test Engineer
Syed Ameen | PSE Hardware Command FPGA Design Engineer
Mehul Patel | PSE Test Conductor
Federico Sanidad | PSE Test Conductor
John Washington | GSE Technician
Tom Rozanski | GSE Technician

Power SystemBattery

David Jung | LRO Lead Battery Engineer
Gopal Rao | Staff Engineer
David Sullivan | LRO Battery Test Engineer
Tom Rozanski | Battery Lab Manager


Raz Sawar | ABSL LRO Project Manager
Dave Curzon | ABSL LRO Project Manager (formerly)
Rod Ng | ABSL LRO Technical Lead
Andy McNamara | ABSL Mechanical/Thermal Engineer
Ralph Ball | ABSL QA Engineer

Power SystemSolar Array

John Lyons | Solar Array Lead

Emcore Engineering and Management

David Danzilio | GM/VP
Navid Fatemi | Program Director
Brad Clevenger | Director of Operations
Pat Coil | Director of Contracts
Mary Beth Chumney | Proposal mgr.
Kip Dodge | LRO Program Manager
Jeff Hillseth | Mfg. Director
Vivien Bercier | Mfg. Engineering Manager
Jody Wood | Engineering Manager
Jimmy Pappan | LRO Panel Engineer
John Crisman | QA Mgr.
Robert Young | QA
Karen Fellner | QA
Eric Lochausen | Parts and Materials
Teri King | Procurement
Kay Naranjo | Accounting Mgmt
Cheryl Anderson | Accounting
Don Wichhart | Accounting
Rick Bishop | Production
Scott Wilkinson | Cost Accounting
Eric Downard | Cell Production
Stephanie Baer | Configuration Mgmt
Drew Flores | Production Support
Jill Courtney | Shipping
Richard Coatney | Production Supervisor
Thomas Angon | Receiving
Kevin Malone | Accounting
Art Chevez | Test Panel Engineering
Robert Gallegos | Test/CIC
Andy Anders | Test Panel Engineering

Emcore Manufacturing

Alfred Gutierrez | Panel Area Manufacuring
Angelica Trujillo | Panel Area Manufacuring
Dalena Trinh | Panel Area Manufacuring
David Zier | Panel Area Manufacuring
Estuardo Marroquin | Panel Area Manufacuring
Lan Dao | Panel Area Manufacuring
Maria Luisa Verdejo | Panel Area Manufacuring
Meliane Nettles | Panel Area Manufacuring
Rene Lacad | Panel Area Manufacuring
Rick Manzanares | Panel Area Manufacuring
Samuel Watson | Panel Area Manufacuring
Mile Hicks | CIC Area Manufacturing
Gloria Kurkowski | CIC Area Manufacturing
Mai Vuong | CIC Area Manufacturing
Carmen Ceniceros | CIC Area Manufacturing
Ha Nguyen | CIC Area Manufacturing
Pamela Richardson | CIC Area Manufacturing
Fermin Rodriguez | CIC Area Manufacturing
Marianne Trinh | CIC Area Manufacturing
Ashly Donaldson | CIC Area Manufacturing
Lilibeth Manzon | CIC Area Manufacturing
Emelina Marroquin | CIC Area Manufacturing
Deanene Gonzales | CIC Area Manufacturing
Amy Saiz | CIC Area Manufacturing

National Technical Systems (NTS)—Thermal Vacuum Testing


Jori Czajkowski | Technician
Edward Nelsen | Engineer

Thermal Vacuum

Philip Carr | Program Manager/Engineer
Eric Kogen | Technician

Secondary Crew

Mark Kawai | Technician
James King | Technician
Chris Marin | Technician
Mike Rudy | Technician

Support Personnel

Victor Alfano | Sales
Kent Burgdorfer | Instrumentation Technician
Damian Castello | Fluids Technician
Kelly Delia | Program Coordinator
Ron Foster | Shipping/Receiving Manager
Troy Haag | Maintenance Manager
Jerry Hatley | Electrician
Marie Jensen | Shipping/Receiving
Judy Jones | Quality Control
Larry Jones | Fluids Technician
Sergey Klochko | Instrumentation Engineer
Erik Knowles | Fluids Manager
Tim Kogen | Instrumentation Technician
Marco Macias | Maintenance Technician
Russell Presswood | Machine Shop Manager
Janice Saari | Quality Assurance Manager
Juan Sanchez | Fluids Technician
Randy Shaw | Environmental Manager
Mike Springer | Programs Manager
Gary Thompson | Sales

Exceptional Suppliers

Roger Green | Exclusive Welding

Applied Technology Associates (ATA)—Hot Box Design and Construction

Tony Tenorio
Steve Dolbey
Dennis Smith
Charlene Bausinger
Troy Jensen
Larry Martell
Jeff Stein
Shatona Martin

QIOPTIQ Space Technology (Cover Glass)

John Martin

Propulsion System

Chuck Zakrzwski | Propulsion Lead
Todd Bentley | Technician
Eric Cardiff | Propulsion Engineer
Eubank Caitlin | Propulsion Engineer
Mark Fiebig | Propulsion I&T Lead
Larry Gibb | Quality Assurance
Greg Griffin | Electrical Technician
Stephen McKim | Propulsion Engineer
Mike Nunan | Technician
Khary Parker | Propulsion Engineer
Brian Pomeroy | Propulsion Engineer
Les Putnam | Technician
Peter Olufemi | Quality Assurance
Ashley Scroggins | Propulsion Engineer
Steve C. Smith | Electrical Engineer
Mike Wilks | Technician

Attitude Control System

Jim Simpson | ACS Lead Engineer

ACS Hardware Team

Ken McCaughey | ACS Hardware Lead
Laurie Easter | Technician
Steve Scruggs | Technician
Joe Roman | Technician
Tracy Price | Technician
Rani Lavu | Technician
Millie Ewancio | Technician
Inpong Sivilay | Technician
Carol Zepp | Technician
Nat Gill | PDE and RW FPGA
Jeff Keck | FPGA Support
Eric Bentley | Mechanical Drafting

Reaction Wheel Team

Russ Roder | RW Lead and Mechanical Engineer
John Wilson | RW Electrical Engineer
Joe Vitale | RW Software
Mary Kerbe | RW PWB Layout
Fred Manage | RW and PDE PWB Checking
Tom Miccolis | RW Parts Engineer
Bob Read | RW Support Task

PDE Team

Jason Badgley | PDE Lead Engineer
Noble Jones | PDE Mechanical Engr
Tom Gibboney | PDE and GDS Support Task
Allan Hoffman | PDE Module PWB Layout
Amanda Virts | PDE Inhibit Unit PWB Layout

Star Tracker Team

Noble Jones | Star Tracker COTR
Roberto Casini | Program Manager
Stefano Lorenzini
Dorico Procopio
Massimo Materassi
Giuseppe Borghi
Anna Fabri
Simone Becucci
Andrea Landi
Davide Fiorini
Marco Picchi
Moreno Stagi

Miniature Inertial Measurement Unit Team

Ed Davis | MIMU COTR
Reginald Sherman | Technical Director
Paul Brueggeman | Technical Director
Jim Akins | Technical Director
Marion Rowe | Program Manager
Jon Lawler | Contract Management
Kevin Toliver | Product Assurance
Joe Protola | Systems Analysis
Jeff Young | Technical Director

Coarse Sun Sensor Team

Kristen Brown | CSS COTR
Dwight Barefoot | Program Director
Mike Kagan | Electrical Engineer
Kevin Lucciarini | Quality Assurance Engineer
Jim Mirotta | Manager, Reliability and Quality Assurance

ACS Design and Analysis

Joseph Garrick | Lead Analyst
Oscar Hsu | RW Sizing, Delta V and Delta H Modes
Phil Calhoun | Attitude Kalman Filter
Neerav Shah | Analyst
Roger Chen | Sun Safe Modes
Gerardo Ortiz-Cruz | Cooperative Education Student
Neal Patel | Cooperative Education Student
Alice Liu | Jitter Analysis
Carl Blaurock | Analysis

GSFC Dynamic Simulator

George Heisey | GDS Project Lead
Stephen Leake | GDS Software Lead
Tom Correll | GDS PMRD Card
Agbontaen Imasuen | GDS Hardware
Wattana Kem | GDS Hardware
Namrita Owens | GDS Hardware
Brad Smith | GDS Cards
Rob Thompson | GDS Assembly
Laurie Easter | GDS Assembly
Jim Rawlings | GDS Assembly
Karin Blank | GDS Software
Kevin D Fisher | GDS Software
Victor W. Lu | GDS Software
Linh Nguyen | GDS Software

PDE and RW Off-Site Teammates - Orbital Sciences Corporation

Karim Iman
Tom Gibboney
Bob Read
Victor Evans
Tom Miccolis
Peter Koump
Bill Seidell
Tracy Price
Carrol Zepp
Milly E.
Mary Kerbe
Ed Naimaster
Amanda Virts
Allan Hoffman
Steven Heishman
Fred Manage
Robert Demme
Daryl Dillow
Anderson Chun
Ron Johnson
Laura Cook
Shirely Jones
Glenn Luckett
Peggy McCviker
Vandell Roseman

Ground System and Operations

Rick Saylor | Ground Sys & Ops Lead
Rick Saylor | GS&O Lead
Jim Clapsadle | Deputy GS&O Lead
Howard Calk | GS&O Systems
Ralph Casasanta | System Engineer
Christine Marinaccio | GS&O MOC SW Tester
Mark Neuberger | GS&O MOC SW Tester
Dave Waters | MRT Test Lead

Mission Operations Team

Jack Murphy | MOT Lead
Jabari Carrington | Mission Operations
Keith Crew | Mission Operations
Garland Dixon | Mission Operations
Mike Gardner | Mission Operations
Bob Ignasiak | Mission Operations
Tim Johnson | Mission Operations
Tim Johnson | Mission Operations
John Koenig | Mission Operations
Joe Kowalski | Mission Operations
Jeff Parker | Mission Operations
Mehul Patel | Mission Operations
Rich Sanidad | Mission Operations
Maxine Saylor | Mission Operations
Dan Sutermeister | Mission Operations
Paul Swenson | MOC System Administrator

Mission Operations Center Software

Theresa Beech | Flexplan Software Eng.
Hiam Brummer | ITPS Technical Lead
Jean-Pierre Chamoun | Flexplan Software Technical Lead
Sung Cho | ITPS Tester
Susan Dyer | ITOS Developer
Mike Foreman | ITOS Task Lead
Gonzalo García | Flexplan Software Eng.
Brian Goldman | ITOS Developer
Greg Greer | ITOS Technical Lead
Karen Keadle-Calvert | ITOS Developer
Jay Kim | Flexplan Software Eng.
Matt Lew | ITOS Developer
Barbara Milner | ITOS Task Lead
Jean Puckett | ITPS Sys. Admin
Denise Reitan | ITPS Developer
Mark Richardson | ITOS Developer
Sheia Ritter | ITPS Task Lead
Tim Singletary | ITOS Developer
Mike Smit | ITOS Developer
Warren Thompson | ITOS Developer
Lucinda Taylor | SW QA

Flight Dynamics

Mark Beckman | Flight Dynamics Lead
Rivers Lamb | FD Ground System Lead
Michael Mesarch | Maneuver Team Lead
Karen Richon | Maneuver Team
Dave Folta | Maneuver Team
Rick Harmon | FD Ground Attitude Lead
Ann Nicholson | FD Task Lead
Steve Slojkowski | Orbit Team Lead
Andy Dykes | Orbit Team
Anne Long | Navigation Analysis
Patrick Morinelli | Tracking Data Evaluation
Richard Campion | Tracking Data Evaluation
Mark Nicholson | Software Development
Warren Miller | Software Development

Attitude Ground System

Rick Harmon | FD Ground Attitude Lead
Joe Sedlak
Joe Hashmall
Neil Ottenstein
Rick Coon
Dave Hooshmand
Laurie Mann
Gregory Natanson
Steve Slojkowski
Andy Dykes
Anne Long
Lauren Chung
Greg Dell
Mark Nicholson
Ann Nicholson
Patrick Morinelli
Richard Campion
Mark Scooby
Darla German
James Shaw
John Lorah
Steve Hendry

Flight Software Maintenance

Kris Naylor | FSW Sustaining Engineering
Mike Oben | FSW Sustaining Engineering
Scott Snell | FSW Sustaining Engineering

Deep Space Network

Ida Baker | LRO NOPE Lead
Ed Luers | DSN POC
Steve Walderr | DSN MCM


Jim Cameron | NISN Network Engineer
Mike Eder | NISN Network Engineer
Chris Jermann | NISN IPNOC
Chi Le | NISN Network Engineer
Chris Spinolo | NISN Network Engineer

Mini-RF Team

S. Nozette | Mini-RF


Benjy Neumann | Deputy Dir-ACD
Chris Culbert | Exploration System Missions Div
Mike Wargo | Program Scientist

Program Office

Tony Lavoie | Program Manager
Larry Hill

Launch Support Team

A.I. Solutions

Clinton E. Plaisted | Flight Controls

Ground Network

April Adams | NENS Documentation Support
Bret Aguilar | USN Ops
Hollys Allen | NENS System Engineer
Scott Allen | WSC Engineer
Leslie Ambrose | GN/SN/PSLA
Mike Anderson | NENS WS1 Project Management
Velma Anderson | NENS System Engineer
Robert Ash | NENS Facilities
Cathy Barclay | NENS WS1/USN Project Management
Joe Baros | NENS RF SOC/Compat
Merri Benjamin | NENS O&M/WSC
Matthew Bieneman | NENS Engineering
Elaine Bowers | NENS Docs
Matt Boyd | USN Ops
Ronna Brockdorff | GN Architecture
Bill Brown | NENS Sys Eng
David Carter | GN SLR Lead
Bill Chaney | NENS Engineering
Paul Christopoulos | NENS Engineering
Dale Cole | NENS I&T
Abbas Contractor | NENS Facilities
Chris Cook | NENS Security
Art Corella | NENS Facilities
Steve Currier | GN DPM
Mark Czumak | NENS Engineering
Dumas Donna | NENS Admin
Debbie Dukes | NENS O&M/GN
Alice Eskins | NENS Docs
Richard Feinstein | NENS Facilities
John Fleming | NENS Engineering
Linda Fuller | NENS Docs
Fred Gams | NENS RF SOC/Compat
William Gardner | NENS Security
Don Gittle | USN Lead Engineer
Bob Gonzales | SN TO&A
Jane Gracie | NENS Docs
Joanne Greet-Swank | USN PM Support
Jay Heberle | USN Project Manager
Daniel Hobel | USN Engineering
Bob Hudgins | GN Scheduling
Doug Hughes | USN Engineering
Connie Jefferies | NENS Admin
Andrew Johnson | WS1 Monitor & Control Systems Engineer
Brad Johnson | PSLA Support
Evans Jones | TO Management Support
Deepak Kaul | NENS Enigneering
John Kim | NENS RF SOC/Compat
Mike Kohout | NENS Network Commitment
Tom Kovac | NENS Scheduler
David Lassiter | GN WS1 Systems
Ken Lavery | NENS RF SOC/Compat
Barry Lusby | NENS O&M/WSC
Scott Lynch | USN Engineer
Dale Massey | USN Engineer
Dennis Mateik | NENS O&M/WSC
Ken McIntyre | NENS Docs
Marco Midon | WS1 Technical Lead
Peter Militch | NENS Chief Eng
Steve Montgomery | USN Engineer
Yonwoo Nam | NENS I&T
Valeria Nitz | NENS Docs
Onyeali Onyeberechi | NENS Docs
Paul Pardoe | NENS Docs
Brent Parker | NENS RF SOC/Compat
Pati Peskett | NENS GN Eng
Lesley Rahman | NENS O&M
Peggy Reno | NENS QA
Laurel Rossow | NENS Safety
Gregory Sanders | NENS Sys Eng
Jul Scarborough | NENS Security
Bruce Schupler | NENS Sys Eng
Thomas Shult | NENS Ops
Don Small | WS1 Sys Eng
Donna Smith | NENS Admin
Jeanette Smolinski | NENS GN Eng
Bob Stancel | GN Software Engineering
Chris Stevens | GUI support
Frank Stocklin | GN Architecture Support
Rod Summerford | NENS I&T
John Taylor | USN Engineer
Steve Testoff | NENS Docs
Mike Uffer | NENS Eng
Scott Underwood | GN Chief Eng
Bourgondien Van | NENS Facilities
Steve Vogelwede | USN SW Engineer
Jim Wiedman | WS1 Security
Stephania Young | NENS Scheduler
Tim Gregor | WS1 M&O Lead Engineer
Jessica Traversy | WS1 Digital Support
Chuck Pineau | WS1 RF Support

Command and Data Handling

William Yuknis | C&DH System Lead (2007-2008) / Technical Lead
Quang Nguyen | C&DH System Lead (2004-2007)
Dennis Albaijes | Housekeeping I/O Card Engineer / Signal Integrity Engineer
Omar Haddad | Jack of All Trades Engineer
Noosha Haghani Leviste | Communications Card Engineer
Damaris Guevara | Communications Card Engineer
James Fraction | Low Voltage Power Converter Engineer
John Siedlecki | SpaceWire Engineer / Multifunction Analog Card Digital Engineer
George Moore | Multifunction Analog Card Test and Verification Engineer
Michael Lin | Multifunction Analog Card Analog Engineer
Renee Reynolds | Multifunction Analog Card Digital Engineer
Glenn Rakow | SpaceWire Consultant
Loc Luu | Test and Diagnostic Software Engineer
Tawanda Jacobs | Test and Diagnostic Software Engineer
Warren Thompson | Communications Ground Support Equipment Engineer
Timothy Johnson | Test Conductor
Robert Ignasiak | Test Conductor
Scott Pursley | Data Storage Board Engineer
Dudley Yuknis | Mascot Engineer
Cynthia Lewis | Integration and Test Manager
Darryl Younger | Test Facilities Manager
Locksley Haynes | Data Storage Board Digital Engineer
Cin Swangwatanaratn | Technican Support
Brenda Wallace | Technican Support
Brenda Feldman | Technican Support
Thomas Winkert | Communications Encoder FPGA Engineer
Al Grasley | PWB Designer
Al Lookingland | Mechanical Engineer
Tony Granados | PWB/Mechanical Designer
Barbara Neff | Task Manager
Betty Pearsall | Assemby Technician
Charlie Mcclunin | Packaging Engineer/Checker
Dave Meyers | Planning Inventory Control (PIC)
Doug Lumsden | Program Manager
Eva Rice | Procurement/Buyer
Frank Vreeland | PWB Designer
Mike Merryman | PWB Designer/Manager
Harry Yackman | Packaging Engineer/Checker
Jim Krivensky | PWB Designer
Jeff Keck | Electrical Engineer
Jeff Diehl | Operations/Lab Manager
John Cook | Mechanical Designer
Karen Nearhoff | Assemby Technician
Karen Chaney | Assemby Technician
Keith Ellis | Assemby Technician
Lang Diep | Assemby Technician
Lori Protheroe | QA Inspector
Lorinda Burrows | Assemby Technician
Mike Johnson | QE/QA Manager
Nancy Baily | Configuration Management (CM)
Nicole Hackley | Quality Engineer
Paul Kemlage | Mechanical Designer
Rick Butler | QA Inspector
Richard Burrows | Components Engineer
Roy Kohn | Packaging Engineer/Checker
Ryan Pranschke | Mechanical Engineer
Sean Bowen | Planning Inventory Control (PIC)
Thomas Anderjaska | Test Engineer
Jerry Belote | Planning Inventory Control (PIC)
Tracey Clay | Mechanical Engineering Manager
Tuan Duong | Electrical Engineer
Viguen Ter-Minassian | Mechanical Engineer
Alan Dennis | Lead Electrical Engineer
Suzanne Miller | EPM and Software Engr
Cathy Lue Chee Lip | SUROM Software engineer
Dean Saridakis | Lead Software Engineer
Marc Vancampen | Lead Mechanical Engineer
Michael E Smith | Mechanical Enginer STE
Les Crawley | Quality Assurance
Steve Johnson | STE Software
Joseph Hilger | Operations Program Manager
David Eckhardt | Program Manager
Mason Fisher | Material Planning
Everett Drew | Engineering Manager
Richard Kim | Manufacturing Engineer
Robert Davidson | Electrical Engineer
Tim Whalen | Mechancal Analysis
Rema Smoot | Contracts
John Carr | Finance
James Ramsden | Reliability
Phuong "Tee" Osborne | Assembly Operator
Tri Nguyen | Assembly Operator
Pauline Gordon | Assembly Operator
Hang Tran | Assembly Operator
Conrad Walker | Assembly Operator
Margaret High | Assembly Operator
Judy Bui | Assembly Operator
Teresa Blaylock | Stock room
Ben Reardon | 9639B Electronics Design Engineer
Luis Vargas | 9639B Electronics Design Engineer
Sanjiv Patel | 9639B Test Engineer
Johan Welgemoed | 9512A Development Engineer
Doug Harvey | 9512A Engineering Technician
Liz Lasher | 9512A Prototype/Senior Assembler

LRO Communications System

Adan Rodriguez-Arroyo | Communications System Lead
Vince Briani | RF Networks (S-/Ka-Band)
Daniel Feldman | MEI Task29 Leader (Coupler, Hybrids, coax, waveguides, omni procurements)
Rick Jacobs | Senior Buyer (Coupler, Hybrids, coax, waveguides, omni procurements)
Bill Klimczak | HGAS RF Support
James Lee | QA
Anatoly Lyubomirsky | RF support
John Pocius | Ground Support Equipment
Lamont Poole | Ground Support Equipment
Victor Sank | Senior RF Support
Steve Seufert | RF Test Support
Dale Shama | RF Networks Support
Steve Smith | RF Test Support
Barbara Selby | Contract Specialist (Coupler, Hybrids, coax, waveguides, omni procurements)
John Staren | Modeling / Analysis
Jerry Visalsawat | Ka-Band Subsystem

LRO Ka-band Modulator

Jeff Jaso | LRO Ka-band Modulator Lead Designer
Carl W. Kellenbenz | LRO Modulator Power Supply Lead
Robert Lussier | Modulator Power Supply Technical Support
Hanson Nguyen | Modulator Power Supply Test Engineer
Laura Cook | Power Supply Re-work
Jeff Keck | Initial Northrop Project Manager
Doug Lumsden | Second Northrop Project Manager
Terry Miller | Third Northrop Project Manager
Kim Allgood | Materials Technician - Assembly & coat and stake
Richard Burrows | Northrop Parts Manager
Jeff Diehl | Northrop Manufacturing Lead
Kyle Huth | Wirebonding specialist
Al Lookingland | Northrop Assembly Documentation
Shawn McMurphy | Communications Engineer
Xuan Nguyen     | Communications Engineer
Traci Pluchak-Rosnack | Micro Electronic Technician
Art Ruitberg | Design Consultant

LRO S-/Ka-band High Gain Antenna

Ali Mahnad | High Gain Antenna Lead
John Boger | LRO HGA Sr. Manufacturing Engineer
Nelis DuToit | Antenna Design / Analysis
David Green | HGA electro-mechanical Support
Mike Guthmiller | LRO HGA Sr. Program Manager
Ken Hersey | Senior High Gain Antenna Support
Doug Keehr | LRO Purchasing Manager
Todd Krafchak | HGA mechanical analysis
Scott Miskovish | LRO HGA Thermal Analysis Lead
Eric Nelson | LRO Sr. Assembly Technician
Mike Noyes | LRO HGA Mechanical Design Lead
Troy Nunes | LRO HGA Manufacturing Engineer
Bob Phillips | LRO HGA Quality Engineer
Anna Shifflet | LRO Production Control
Dawn Valero | LRO HGA Strutural Analysis Lead

Telemetry Tracking and Command Unit

Ken Moloney | Project Leader
Cheryl Ross | Program Manager
Fichelle Fields | Configuration & Data Manager
Tricia Lord-Brumm | Contracts
Christina Muckenhoupt | Document Control
Jeffery Gaines | Finance
Jerry Thorson | Finance
Gary Placke | Integrated Cost & Schedule
Jim Crawford | Sr Lead Engineer - Systems
Paul Schneider, Jr. | Sr Lead Engineer - Systems
John Stephen | Principal Engineer - Electrical
Mark Bockmann | Sr Lead Engineer - Electrical
Clarence Huntley | Sr Lead Engineer - Electrical
Robert Prentice, Jr. | Sr Lead Engineer - Electrical
Carl Robello | Sr Lead Engineer - Electrical
Rick Scott | Lead Engineer - Electrical
Wade Understiller | Lead Engineer - Mechanical
Dave Anderson | Lead Engineer - Software
Marty Siemon | Distinguish Member Technical Staff
Mike Henggeler | Designer
James Praught | Designer
Paul Scott | Designer
Dan Glenn | Manufacturing Manager
Todd Zuercher | Manufacturing Engineer
Betty Marsh | Material Planner
Fred Dunikoski | Material Specialist
Rosemarie Nelson | Manufacturing Technician
Lois Washington | Manufacturing Technician
David Baker | Engineering Technician
Jack Brust | Engineering Technician
Lawrence Clint | Engineering Technician
Robert Cordray | Engineering Technician
Les Eakins | Engineering Technician
Virgina Grajiola | Engineering Technician
Steven Hair | Engineering Technician
Joan Harnish | Engineering Technician
Edward Harrison | Engineering Technician
James Henry | Engineering Technician
Marilyn Law | Engineering Technician
Chip Leivas | Engineering Technician
Bach Nguyen | Engineering Technician
Mike Nichols | Engineering Technician
Michael Pellerin | Engineering Technician
Carlos Fraijo | Engineering Technician
Ruth Freeze | Engineering Technician
Terry Mendoza | Engineering Technician
Fern Ross | Engineering Technician
John Shaw | Engineering Technician
Myron Stineman | Engineering Technician
Steven VanHolton | Engineering Technician
Bennie Warren | Engineering Technician
Dolores Anaya | Operator
Rannie Arnold | Operator
Ruth Boivin | Operator
Theresa Duffy | Operator
Leeann Guest | Operator
Donna Longacre | Operator
Rachel Slater | Operator
David Soto | Operator
Pauline Williams | Operator
Pam Embree | Principal Quality Engineer
Don Davenport | Sr Lead Quality Engineer
Greg Hayes | Quaility Specialist
Joseph Levine | Quaility Specialist
Charles Beckham | Quality Specialist
Keyana Willcox | Inspector 1 - Quality
Russ Graves | Radiation Engineer
Lamonte Einspahr | Reliability Engineer
Mike Newman | Reliability Engineer
Mitch Witkowski | Reliability Engineer
Lynda Dorsett | Sr Technology Specialist

Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier

Todd T. Peterson | TWTA Project Manager
Dale A. Force | TWTA COTR
Rainee N. Simons | TWTA Principal Engineer
Jane M. Cochran | TWTA Contracting Officer
Ben Bauman | TWTA Budget Analyst
Corinna Vilkatis | Contract Manager
Lou Ann Flaherty | Program Office Director
Paul Spitsen | Program Manager
Dan Scaboo | TWT Manufacturing Engineeing
Daniel Dibb | TWT Responsible Engineering Authority
Dave Newell | TWT Engineeing
David Eze | TWT Mechanical Engineeing
Eric Young | TWT Test Engineeing
Helen Cohen | TWT Manuracturing Engineeing
Mary Connors | TWT Test Engineeing
Matt Patterson | TWT Engineeing Manager
Randy Gibson | TWT Test Engineeing
Tony Romero | TWT Manufacturing Engineeing
Tony Ronco | TWT Manufacturing Engineeing
Dr. William Menninger | TWT Design Engineeing
Zev Liang | TWT Test Engineeing
Dr. Roger Hollister | TWT Mechanical Engineeing
Neal Robbins | Ka Band TWT Development
Adileen Saucedo | TWT Assembly Technician
Anh Nguyen | TWT Assembly Technician
Barbara Lemons | TWT Assembly Technician
Tina Nguyen | TWT Assembly Technician
Dennis Lynch | TWT Assembly Technician
Dorothy Kratzer | TWT Assembly Technician
Edna Beleno | TWT Assembly Technician
Emy Estocado | TWT Assembly Technician
Fernando Lizaraga | TWT Assembly Technician
Florence Militar | TWT Assembly Technician
Janet Ekenstam | TWT Assembly Technician
Jose Peralta | TWT Assembly Technician
Kyong Su | TWT Assembly Technician
Lani Faalafua | TWT Assembly Technician
Linda Clark | TWT Assembly Technician
Margaratia Hydro | TWT Assembly Technician
Mary La Riccia | TWT Assembly Supervisor
Peral Dupuy | TWT Assembly Technician
Rebecca Huizar | TWT Assembly Technician
Rhonda Gersh | TWT Assembly Technician
Stephanie Collins | TWT Assembly Technician
Sueng Lim | TWT Test Technician
Bruce Sharp | TWT Manufacturing Planning
Pamela Donnelly | TWT Manufacturing Planning
Andrew Peak | TWTA Design Engineering
Dave Lewis | TWTA Electrical Engineering
Douglas Strother | TWTA Test Engineering
Farrell Deibel | TWTA Mechanical Engineering
Jack McDowell | TWTA Mechanical Engineering
Janusz Pyter | TWTA Engineering Manager
Jatin Vaghela | TWTA Test Engineering
Joe Araki | TWTA Test Engineering
Keith Loi | TWTA Test Engineering
Keith Phelps | TWTA Electrical Engineering
Manuel Peralta | TWTA Electrical Engineering
Mark Tafoya | TWTA Electrical Engineering
Mike Choe | TWTA Mechanical Engineering
Oliver Graham | TWTA Test Engineering
Phil Todd | TWTA Electrical Engineering
Richard Atienza | TWTA Mechanical Engineering
Roger Williams | TWTA Design Engineering
Roy Perry | TWTA Manufacturing Engineering
William Takahashi | TWTA Design Engineering
Cullen Chapman | TWTA Lead Manufacturing Engineering
Greg Maxwell | TWTA Manufacturing Engineering
Brian Nguyen | TWTA Test Engineering
Tan Nguyen | TWTA Test Engineering
William Council | TWTA Manufacturing Engineering
Wesley Clanin | TWTA Manufacturing Engineering
Mirna Lima | TWTA Manufacturing Engineering
Deanne Widmark | TWTA Manufacturing Planning
Buzz Carter | TWTA Manufacturing Planning
Donna Mahony | TWTA Manufacturing Planning
Andy Dailo | TWTA Manufacturing Engineering
Chris Trudeau | Assembly and Test Supervisor
Al Martinez | TWTA Assembly Technician
Albert Solis | TWTA Assembly Technician
Andrew Calderon | TWTA Test Technician
Anthony Bui | TWTA Test Technician
Bharti Shah | TWTA Test Technician
Brian Yamanoha | TWTA Test Technician
Cynthia Gomez | TWTA Assembly Technician
David Hernandez | TWTA Test Technician
Dung Le | TWTA Assembly Technician
Georginia Resurrection | TWTA Assembly Technician
Grace Rameriz | TWTA Assembly Technician
Guadalupe Amezcua | TWTA Assembly Technician
Jim Parsons | TWTA Test Technician
John Vu | TWTA Assembly Technician
Juan Reyes | TWTA Assembly Technician
Ken Hodge | TWTA Test Technician
Kyong Kim | TWTA Assembly Technician
Lettie Morales | TWTA Assembly Technician
Michelle Staton | TWTA Assembly Technician
Mike Martin | TWTA Test Technician
Patricia Williams | TWTA Assembly Technician
Ramona Diaz | TWTA Assembly Technician
Tanya Pham | TWTA Test Technician
Teresita Espanola | TWTA Assembly Technician
Tien Nguyen | TWTA Assembly Technician
Trung Nguyen | TWTA Assembly Technician
Tuan Bui | TWTA Assembly Technician

Flight Software

Mike Blau | Flight Software Lead
Kris Naylor | FSW Requirements
Krishnan Narayanan | FSW Requirements
Ru Perrera | FSW Configuration Management
Lenard Beacraft | FSW Configuration Management
Glenn Cammarata | FSW Development Team Lead
Susie Strege | FSW Developer
Larry Shackelford | FSW Developer
Scott Walling | FSW Developer
Freemon Johnson | FSW Developer
Moses McCall | FSW Developer
Joel Chiralo | FSW Developer
Tawanda Jacobs | FSW Developer
Ladd Wheeler | FSW Developer
Tim Ray | FSW Developer
Tom Johnson | FSW Developer
George Varndell | FSW Developer
Ji-Wei Wu | FSW Development Team Lead
Dave McComas | FSW Developer
Jeff D'Agostino | FSW Developer
Michael Yang | FSW Developer
Jacob Hageman | FSW Developer
Bruce Trout | FSW Developer
Steve Mann | FSW Developer
Tom Clement | FSW Test Team Lead
Mike Paoletta | FSW Testing
Eva Stattel | FSW Testing
Scott Applebee | FSW Testing
Ray Ferrer | FSW Testing
Maureen Armbruster | FSW Testing
Ingrid Albright | FSW Testing
Jack Fu | FSW Testing
Anren Hu | FSW Testing
Bob Schwenk | FSW Testing
Gary Welter | FSW Testing
Bob Rapp | FSW Testing
John Heavener | FSW Testing
Dave Grosh | FSW Testing
Janet McDonnell | FSW Testing
Bill Keksz | FSW Testing
Tom Phillips | FSW Testing


Harlan Spence | CRaTER Principal Investigator
Michael Golightly | Deputy Project Scientist
Kristin Sacca | Project Coordinator
Nicholas Gross | E/PO Lead
Tony Case | Calibration Scientist
Erik Wilson | SOC Programmer
Jennifer Brown | Data Technician
David Bradford | IT Management
Jeffrey Sanborn | Technical Support
Eric O'Dea | Thermal Modeling
Huade Tan | Thermal Modeling
Justin Kasper | Project Scientist
Demetrios Athens | GSE Programmer
Bill Forbes | Machinist
Peter Ford | SOC Developer
Rick Foster | Program Manager
Robert Goeke | Project Engineer
Dorothy Gordon | Electrical Engineer
Brian Klatt | SMA Manager
Fred Miller | Technician
Jimmy O'Connor | Project Technician
Matt Smith | Mechanical Engineer
Joan Quigley | SOC Analyst
J. Bernard Blake | Co-Investigator
Joesph Mazur | Co-Investigator
William Crain | Electrical Engineer
Albert Lin | Mechanical Engineer
Deborah Salvaggio | Program Manager
Paul Carranza | Quality Assurance
Francisca Fuentes | Senior Research Assistant
Rachael Galvan | Senior Research Assistant
Mark Lalic | Research Associate
Larry Townsend | Co-Investigator
Terry Onsager | Co-Investigator

Diviner Team

David Paige | Diviner PI
Wayne Hartford | Instrument Project Manager
Bradley Drake | Electronics Fabrication
Orland Harrison | Software
Scott Nolte | Integration
Mark Duran | Thermal Eng
Charles Avis | SOC Lead
Peter Barry | Mission Assur Mgmt
Jim Aragon | Quality Assurance
John Bousman | Integration
Nick Taylor | Reliability
Dennis Cate | Integration
Scott Loring | Software Eng
Michael O'connell | Dynamics Test
Tom Pierce | EMC Test
Kim Plourde | Project Mgmt Staff
Daniel Preston | Calibration Eng
Laurie Guay | Business Mgmt Staff
Henry Awaya | Test
Nickolas Emis | Thermal Eng
Gary Kinsella | Thermal Eng
Tarek Baayoun | Business Mgmt Staff
Marc Foote | Integration
Bruno Jau | Mechanical Eng.
Susan Lee | Software Assurance
Cami Vongsouthy | Safety Eng
Michael Blakely | Environmental Eng
Bryan Bell | Reliability
Don Lewis | Material End
Glenn Aveni | Contamination Control Eng
Lee Wigglesworth | Test Support
Robert Stephenson | Structural Analysis
Dave Randall | Test Support
Sam Galaske | Mechanical Design
Robert Hughes | Thermal Analysis

Harness Team

Doug Duvall | Harness lead (2007-2008)
Rick Kinder | Harness lead (2004-2007)
Curtis Dunsmore | Technician
Deneen Ferro | Technician
Greg Griffith | Technician
Shirley Jones | Technician
Brian Kittle | Technician
Lester Putnam | Technician
Ram Ramrattan | Technician
Daryl Riley | Technician
Steve Smith | Technician
Charley Stone | Technician
Brad Swearingen | Technician
Rob Thompson | Technician
Steven Tomaszewski | Technician
Carroll "Trick" Trickey | Technician
Brenda Wallace | Technician


Igor Mitrofanov | LEND PI


David Smith | LOLA PI


Mark Robinson | LROC PI
Eric Eliason
Harald Hiesinger
Brad Jolliff
Michael Malin
Alfred McEwen
Peter Thomas
Elizabeth Turtle
Scott Brylow | Instrument Manager
Mike Ravine | Senior Project Manager
Mike Caplinger | Systems Engineer
Jacob Schaffner | Lead Electrical Engineer
Paul Otjens | Electrical Engineer
Tony Ghaemi | Lead Optical Engineer
David Humm
Chris Martin | Flight Assembler
Hakeem Olawale | Lab Technician
Jose Navarro | Junior Mechanical Engineer
Will Cowell | Junior Mechanical Engineer
Steven Mi | Junior Mechanical Engineer
Ann Pasquini | Procurement Lead
Jeff Zerr | I&T Maser

LROC Science Operations Center

Ernest Bowman-Cisneros | SOC Manager
Ian Bennett | SOC Senior System Administrator
Ken Bowley | SOC System Administrator
Joe Digilio | SOC System Administrator
Tim Donnelly | SOC Operations
Sean Merritt | SOC Operations
David Nelson | SOC Operations
Julie Stopar | SOC Operations
Shane Thompson | SOC Operations
Jim Stewart | SOC Lead Software Developer
Nick Avlontis | SOC Software Developer
Jacob Danton | SOC Software Developer
Erick Malaret | ACT President, supporting LROC SOC Operations
Doug Fuller | HPCI Manager, supporting LROC SOC Operations
Kirt Karl | HPCI Storage, supporting LROC SOC Operations
Gil Speyer | HPCI Software Developer, supporting LROC SOC Operations
Dan Stanzione | HPCI Director, supporting LROC SOC Operations
Carmen Salas | Business Manager & LROC EPO
Doug Roberts | EPO Lead
Wendy Taylor | EPO
Brett Denevi | Post-Doc
Sam Lawrence | Post-Doc
Martin Tschimmel | Post-Doc


Randy Gladstone | LAMP PI (2007-2008)
Alan Stern | LAMP PI (2004-2007)
Ron Black
Dave Slater
Maarten Versteeg
Michael Davis
Kristian Persson
Greg Dirks
Ken Johnson
Henry Sykes
Armando De Los Santos
Jessica Stack
John Scherrer
Brian Gupta
John Stone
Kurt Retherford
Larry McCullough
Joerg Gerhardus
Tommy Greathouse
David Kaufman
Joel Parker
Anthony Egan
Traci Case
Rebecca Thibodeaux
Roy Graham
Michael Young
Dana Crider
Paul Feldman
Wayne Pryor
Polly Andrews
Gianna Sullivan
Sensor Sciences


Bill Boggs | AE Comm and Telemetry
Tom Casale | Power Systems/Batteries
Marsha Causey | Launch Site Support
Tim Clinger | AE Comm & Telemetry Engr
Lamar Davis | Launch Site Support Engineer
Milt Draves | Mission Integration Coordinator
Roy A. Fisher | Launch Site Support Engineer
Richard A. Flage | Flight Software
Eugene J. Fourney | LV Mechanical - Denver
John Glass | Ordnance
Penni Herbst | Contamination Control
Chuck Holmes | Booster Prop
Kathleen Kerr | Badging/Security
Angela M. Lawhead | OCE Support
Dave Loiselle | Avionics
John Magisano | Denver Res Office - Avionics
Linda Lee Matthias | Contamination Control
Janice E. McMillen | Mission Integration Coordinator
Ruby Montoya | Denver Resident Office
Chip Moore | Ordnance
Jim Myers | Propulsion
Skip Owens | Flight Design
John Pavone | Environmental Control Systems
Suzie Raines | Technical Integration
Randy Reid | Booster Prop
Ted Schmoll | Pneumatics
Carl Schultz | Denver Res Office - LV Structures
Estil G. Smith | Launch Support
Gregg Stoll | AE Comm
Charlie Thompson | AE Comm & Telemetry Engr
Domenick Tutera | Flight Design
Tom Vogel | Propulsion
Tom Woodard | Electrical
Paul Wubbena | EGSE
James W. Zimmerman | Loads


Bruce Campbell | ASO Safety Lead/Mission Manager
Beau Suzanne Du | ASO Badging/Security
Rob Ferrraro | ASO Mission Manager - LCROSS
Gerard Gleeson | ASO Mission Manager - LRO
Dwayne Light | ASO Facility Manger
Don Moore | ASO Mission Manager - LCROSS
Don White | ASO Manager

Boeing KSC

Jeffery Boykin | Design Visualization Modeling
David Muldowney | S/C Security
Sharon Sieber | S/C Securtiy
Charlie Smith | CAPPS Fueling Lead


Carlos Alvarado | Flight Controls
Omar Baez | Assistant Launch Director (ALD)
Dan Baker | LSIM
Serkan Bastug | Strength
John Bauschlicher | Flight Dynamics
Gary Beatovich | ASO Contract Officer
Brian Beaver | Flight Design
Norman M. Beck | LCROSS Integration Engineer
Bill Benson | Flight Dynamics
Frank M. Billingham | Propulsion
Jamie Bjornbak | Instrumentation
Robert J. Bosnyak | Integration Engineer
Donald E. Brandl | Thermal
Jacqueline A Brooks | Contracting Officer
Diana M. Calero | LRO Integration Engineer
Danial M. Campbell | Thermal Analysis
Michael C. Carbone | Mechanical and GSE
Keith Castilow | Denver Resident Office Mngr
Robert L Choy | Launch Director
Kevin J. Clinton | EMC/RF
Harold Coleman | COTR/PIM
Daniel M. Coon | LV Software
Emilio Cruz | LSP Budget Office
Chuck Davis | KSC Fueling Lead
George Diller | Public Affairs
Charles P. Dovale | Launch Director
Ronald B Driggers | Safety & Mission Assurance
Lennie Duncil | Thermal
Kristie Durham | Education and Public Outreach
Mary Faller | LRO Integration Engineer
Eb Farris | Launch Vehicle Testing
Daniel K. Foss | Launch Operations Manager
Aaron Fournier | Ordnance
Kevin Grelck | LV Software
Eric Haddox | Orbital Debris Analysis
Stephen A. Jeffress | Comm & Telemetry
Mark Jensen | Instrumentation
Daniel J. Johnson | Atlas Vehicle Systems Engr
James C. Kinney | LV Loads Analysis
Susan Lambert | S/C Processing Support Manager
Cynthia D. Lessne | PIM
Martin J. Lougheed | Comm & Telemetry
Jeffrey R. Lyons | Denver Resident Office - Electrical
Shermane Martino | Budget Analyst
Sam Michel | S/C Processing Support Manager
Randall K Mizelle | PIM/COTR
Tiffany V. Nail | Public Affairs/Outreach
Gary J. ONeil | Thermal
Christine A. Pacariem | Electrical
Michael D. Patton | Comm & Telemetry
Christopher B. Rawlins | Contamination Control
Thomas R. Reinarts | LRO-LCROSS Mission Chief Engineer
Craig Schreiber | Mission Assurance
Keith M Schuh | Electrical
Mark D. Shugg | Launch site integration Manager
George Simone | Centaur Propulsion
David R. Sollberger | OCE
Ben Studenski | Budget Office/Fairing Decals
Charles A Tatro | Mission Manager
Karl J. Thal | Stress
Akash V. Vangani | Vehicle Systems Engineer - Lead
Michele L. Veneri | MGSE and LV Mech Operations
Martha Vreeland | Education and Public Outreach
Mic Woltman | Vehicle System Engineer
James S. Wood | NASA LSP Chief Engineer
Nate Wood | AE Telemetry
Tracy Young | Public Affairs


Tom Rucci | Launch Site Support Engineer


Pamela K Alstott | Atlas Control Dynamics
Mitchel C Arnold | Atlas Tiger Team Engineer
Douglas E Baker | Atlas Range Requirements Lead
David Ballou | Atlas Cape Ops Contamination Control
James J Becia | Atlas EMI/EMC Analysis
Eric Best | Atlas System Software
Fred Boudreau | Atlas Structural Analysis
Jason Buchholz | Atlas Contamination Control
Kathryn Buchholz | Atlas Systems Engineer
Grant E Colley | Atlas Systems Integration
Jeffrey S Dekruif | Atlas Thermodynamics
Gordon England | Atlas Chief Vehicle Engineer
Donald E Foley | Atlas Systems Integration
Thomas E George | Atlas Mass Properties
Richard D Gerberding | Atlas Thermal Control
Marc A Ginsburg | Atlas Flight Design
Jeffery R Gonzales | Atlas Aerophysics
Paul R Gross | Atlas Systems Engineer
Michael L Grubbs | Atlas Video System Design
Kevin Harris | Atlas Range Requirements
Al J. Hegemann | Atlas System Software
Jeff Holdridge | Atlas Separation System CPE
Steven W Kuethe | Atlas Contamination Control Lead
Matthew J Lacy | Atlas RF Systems
Brian Lathrop | Atlas Mission Design Lead
David R Lollini | Alas Deputy Integration Mgr
Marty R Malinowski | Atlas Chief Engineer's Staff
Dedra M Martinez | Atlas Avionics & Electrical Design Lead
Brian McGraw | Atlas System Software Mgr
Kelly McTeer | Atlas P/L Stuctural I/F Design
Patrick J Murphy | Atlas Payload Ops Engineer
Ken L Nauta | Atlas Control Dynamics Mgr
Lars J Onsager | Atlas Mission Design
Scott Person | Atlas Guidance & Accuracy Lead
Darrell J Ray | Atlas System Safety
John G Reed | Atlas Guidance & Accuracy
Paul A Rizzo | Atlas Ground Mechcanical Design
James E Rotole | Atlas P/L Stuctural I/F Design Mgr
Lee E Salem | Atlas Accoustics & Shock Analysis
Steven P Sakla | Atlas Propulsion Systems
Dirk U Schreier | Atlas Mission Mgr
Randal W Smith | Atlas Chief Engineer's Staff
Antonio M Soto | Atlas Cape Ops Payload Integrator
Carl D Sterling | Atlas Vehicle Thermal Control Mgr
Michael C Stitt | Atlas Mission Thermal Control Mgr
Lee H Terwilliger | Atlas Systems Engineer
Walter E Thompson | Atlas Mission Design Mgr
Darin Toronjo | Atlas P/L Stuctural I/F Design
Phillip D Vanlaw | Atlas Dyamic Loads & Environments
Randall S Walker | Altlas Integration Mgr
Reza Zarei | Atlas Ground Mechanical Design
David H Zimmermann | Atlas Contamination Control

Peer Review Panel

Jay Smith | Peer Review Panel Chair
Don Cornwell | Peer Review Panel Member
Dr. Barry Coyle | Peer Review Panel Member
Dr. John Degnan | Peer Review Panel Member
Greg Ellman | Peer Review Panel Member
Dr. Tony Martino | Peer Review Panel Member
Eric Mentzell | Peer Review Panel Member
Ted Michalek | Peer Review Panel Member
Armando Morell | Peer Review Panel Member
Dr. Michael Pearlman | Peer Review Panel Member


Luis Ramos-Izquierdo | Optical Systems Lead
Joe Connelly | Optical Engineer
Scott Stan | Optical Engineer

Fiber Optics

Mark Flanegan | Fiber Optics Lead Engineer
Richard Chuska | EO Test and Manufacturing Engineer
Frank LaRocca | EO Testing Engineer
Shawn Macmurphy | Manufacturing Engineer
Melanie N. Ott | Photonics Group Lead, Lead FO Engineer LRO
Rob Switzer | EO Testing engineer
William Joe Thomes | Photonics Group Operations Manager

Printed Wiring Board Manufacturer

Coretec Denver, INC

Laser Ranging


Dr. Maria T. Zuber | LOLA Deputy Principal Investigator
Dr. David E. Smith | LOLA Principal Investigator
Dr. Gregory A Neumann | LOLA Co-Investigator
Dr. Frank G. Lemoine | LOLA Co-Investigator
Mark H. Torrence | Science Analysis Support
David R. Rowlands | Science Analysis Support

Management / Systems Engineering

Ron Zellar | Laser Ranging Team Lead
Dr. Xiaoli Sun | System Scientist
Keith Cleveland | LOLA / LRO Quality Assurance Engineer


Adam Matuszeski | Mechanical Lead
Donneise Briscoe | Mechanical Fabrication Planner
Shelly Conkey | Mechanical Analyst
Caner Cooperrider | Mechanical Engineer
Ken Cory | Machinist
Dave Dollard | Mechanical Fabrication Planner
Chris Hennen | Mechanical Designer
Sid Johnson | Mechanical Technician
Mike Mulloney | Mechanical Engineer
Andrew Neal | Mechanical Technician
Dave Pfenning | Mechanical Technician
Dave Pfenning | Mechanical Technician
Steve Schmidt | LOLA Mechanical Subsystem Lead
Matt Showalter | Machinist
Craig Stevens | Mechanical Analyst
Buddy Taylor | Mechanical Designer
Bobby Taylor | Mechanical Support
Quan Tu | Machinist


Pilar Joy | Materials Engineer
Diane Kolos | Materials Engineer

Ground System

Jan McGarry | Ground System Lead
Thomas Zagwodzki | Ground System Lead
George Bertholdt | Support Engineer
Oscar Brogdon | Support Engineer
David Carter | NGSLR Manager
John Cheek | Support Engineer
Christopher Clarke | Support Engineer
Howard Donovan | Support Engineer
Mike Golob | Support Engineer
Julie Horvath | Support Engineer
Anthony Mallama | Support Engineer
Anthony Mann | Support Engineer
Carey Noll | CDDIS Lead
Donald Patterson | Support Engineer
Randall Rickelfs | SLR System Engineer at Univ. of Texas
Thomas Varghese | Support Engineer
Jerry Wiant | Support Engineer


Christine Cottingham | Thermal Engineer Tony Melak | Thermal Engineer

Bench Checkout Equipment

Pete Liiva | LOLA BCE Lead
Mike Rodriguez | BCE Engineer
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