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LRO Kids Room

Space Operations Learning Center

Get animations, streaming video, cartoon characters, audio narration, interactive games at the Space Operations Learning Center!


Paper Model

LRO Paper Model

Print and build your own LRO spacecraft!

LRO Lego Assembly

LRO Lego Assembly

Build the Lego spacecraft with these assembly instructions.

marvel moon Discover our scientific, cultural, and personal understanding of Earth's nearest natural neighbor!
space place moon View Moon related activities at NASA's Space Place!

Moon Concentration

How Good is Your Memory?

Moon Quiz

Is it a big hunk of cheese? Take a quiz and find out!

Moon Cookies

Make these tastey cookies (no baking required)


Take the Challenge! Unscramble Moon-related graphics


Help Us Find Our Lost Lunar Words

Moon Calculator

How much would you weigh if you lived on the Moon?

Crossword Puzzles

Answer clues and solve the puzzle

Ask Dr. Marc

Dr. Marc answers good questions asked by visitors about the Moon and other topics.

Lunar Cryptograms

Decode these important messages about the moon
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