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Moon Resources for Informal Education Institutions

Lunar Eclipse Resources : A collection of videos and activities recommended by the LRO team about lunar eclipses.

A 3D model of the LRO spacecraft, with textures (for use in 3D software)

LRO videos from Goddard Space Flight Center : Topics include: instrument overviews, explanations of science concepts, career interviews, etc. Videos available for download in multiple file formats. Some available in 3D.

The award winning children's book, "Max Goes to The Moon" (for planetariums and flat screens)

Clark Planetarium and NASA have partnered to create a 9-minute mini-show "Flight to the Moon" about NASA's LRO and LCROSS missions to the Moon. (for planetariums and flat screens)

"Field Trip to the Moon" (DVD with educator guides) : The LRO/LCROSS activities allow participants to explore lunar stratigraphy, impact craters, the moon's history, spacecraft design in which students build models of the LRO out of edible or non-edible materials, and the future of lunar exploration.


NASA Wavelength : A database of all NASA science education activities, searchable by audience, topic, and educational benchmarks. This website also features NASA science news and events, NASA science data and images, featured lists of activities, blog posts, NASA multimedia products, and more.

Explore! is designed to engage children in space and planetary science in the library and informal learning environments. The website provides hands-on activities and supporting resources such as presentations, recommended books, and internet resources for librarians and other informal educators. Explore! has several modules covering various topics in space science, 2 of which are Moon-specific:

Design Squad On The Moon Activity Guide : A collection of 6 lunar engineering activities appropriate for informal education environments, including educator training materials and student hand-outs.

Additional activities and resources, also recommended to teachers

LRO Datasets for Science On a Sphere

LROC visible imagery: A global mosaic of the Moon captured by LRO's Wide Angle Camera.

LOLA topography : High resolution global topography of the Moon from LRO's Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter.

LOLA surface roughness : A global mosaic of the surface roughness of the Moon, derived from data collected by LRO's Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter.

LOLA surface slope : A global mosaic of slopes found on the surface of the Moon, derived from data collected by LRO's Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter.

Evolution of the Moon A short, narrated Science On A Sphere show depicting the evolution of our Moon all the way from when it was a ball of magma orbiting the Earth, through today.

Return to The Moon A short, narrated Science On a Sphere show touching on some of the essential scientific subjects that LRO scientists study.

Phases of the Moon : A short animation showing sunlit and shadowed portions of the Moon over the course of a month.

International Observe the Moon Night

International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN)

International Observe the Moon Night (InOMN) is an annual worldwide celebration of lunar science and exploration. One day each year, everyone on Earth is invited to unite and observe and learn about the Moon and its connection to planetary science, and share personal and community connections we all have to the Moon.

Other Resources

LRO Educator Resource Kit

LRO lithographs and fact sheets

CRaTER mini-comic

Make a paper LRO model

3D Posters from LROC

Moon Education Poster Set from the Lunar and Planetary Institute

Lunar Mapping and Modeling Portal (online lunar mapping tool)

LRO Current Location

3D Topographic Maps of Lunar Craters

Moon Globes Sky and Telescope has produced two beautiful new globes using images from LRO's camera (LROC) and topography data from LRO's laser altimeter (LOLA).

Goddard Space Flight Center