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Antoniadi Crater

(69.7S, 188E); bounding (79S, 177-197E; 66S, 180-195E)

04.15.2011 - Antoiniadi Crater (diameter 135 km) lies in the southern hemisphere on the far side of the Moon. It is flanked by two smaller and older craters, Minnaert (left) and Numerov (right). Antoniadi is a transitional crater, exhibiting both a central peak that is characteristic of complex craters and an inner ring that is characteristic of larger multi-ring basins. The deepest point on the Moon (-9.12 km) is actually measured inside Antoniadi. Topographic data from LOLA is being used to measure the depth-to-diameter ratio of transitional craters like Antoniadi with greater precision than ever before in the hopes of better understanding the formation of different types of large impact structures [1].

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  1. Sori and Zuber (2010). Preliminary Measurement of Depth-to-Diameter Ratios of Lunar Craters in the Transition Regime between Complex Craters and Multiringed Basins. 41st LPSC, Abstract #2202.

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