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Apollo Trivia

Which Apollo mission was at the Moon for Christmas?

→ Apollo 8

Which Apollo mission visited Surveyor 3?

→ Apollo 12

When did NASA finish studying the rocks brought back from the Moon from the Apollo missions?

→ They are still studying them and learning new things!

Which Apollo mission was the first to use a Lunar Rover?

→ Apollo 15

Which Apollo mission did an experiment where the astronauts released a hammer and feather simultaneously and watched them hit the Moon’s surface at the same time?

→ Apollo 15

What is the fastest a Lunar Rover ever went on the Moon?

→ 11 Miles per hour

How many days did the astronauts of Apollo 17 stay on the Moon?

→ More than 3 days

Who was the first scientist to land on the Moon?

→ Harrison “Jack” Schmitt

Did Apollo 17 collected more or less than 200 lbs of lunar material?

→ More: 244 lbs of Lunar Material

How much material did the whole Apollo program collect from the Moon?

→ 842 lbs

How many scientists, engineers, and technicians were involved in Apollo 11?

→ 400,000

Which Apollo mission was the longest?

→ Apollo 17 (301:59:59 hours)

How far did the Apollo 17 Lunar Rover travel on the Moon’s surface?

→ 19 miles

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